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Hello! This is Yusuf, a full stack Software Engineer, from dhaka, Bangladesh. Love to cook with python codes & love to make spicy codes. Love to play with django, drf. A crazy pythonista. I use Vue, angular js for frontend development. Vue is my first choice for frontend.

Currently working in a Software Company as a Full stack Software Engineer. It’s more fun to work here. I love to share knowledge with the whole universe, that’s the reason to start this blog. This is All about me.

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This is a very simple project. I did spend only a day for this. This project is basically for those who knows what is django and what is MTV pattern but don't know how to start a good project. It's live on heroku: Diagnostic Management System. This project is only for beginners. GitHub

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Department of ICT, BUP

I did this project in my last semester. Couldn't make this project that much aweful, can't manage enough time. But, this project is open-sourced now. Anyone from dept. of ICT can contribute now. Live on heroku: Department of ICT. Please let me know when you are creating a PR: GitHub

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Django E-Commerce

When i did learn django, i had a plan to make an awesome e-commerce site. Finally this is the output. Live on heroku: Django E-commerce Since, heroku removes the images and doesn't provide redis support, here you can see like this. I did add django-swagger for documenting my api's.

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Hotel Management System

When i was a second year student, i did this project for my academic purpose. But later when i did open-source it, got huge response from the different regions of the world. They knocked me to say thanks and asked for permission to use this as their academic project. This is really inspiring. But Alas! I did left Java. GitHub

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This is my first open-source contribution. I had to customize this project for fulfilling the clients requirement, that was tough. I thought this feature should have there, why it's not? Then i did creat a PR and finally they merged it. Now this feature is availvable for you all. GitHub.

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MAX TECHNOBD is a professional Engineering firm in Bangladesh. I did this project about two years ago. It's running and implied to their business as well. I did use raw Php, JavaScript and Mysql to develop this. Live: Max Technobd

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